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Praxis 2022/02/27 English

I've read Shigeki Noya's "Wittgenstein the battle of 'Philosophical Investigations'". For me, reading Wittgenstein does never mean 'study' or 'research'. I can't read German and basically, I have too little strictness to study philosophy itself. But I can feel that Wittgenstein's way of his life and thoughts. It knocks me beyond that limit of my ability and the difference of character. Probably it comes from my history of life which has been very hard because I have been an autistic person, therefore I have to look at myself and try to see the inner universe deeply.

In another way, I might be able to say that I try to delete/cure the hardship of my life by reading Wittgenstein's works. What the f--k are you saying? People may say so. Reading Wittgenstein as a writer of the lessons of our life or career... too blasphemous. But I read his books and try to think that 'why I stay at the hardship of my life? Other people can feel such hardship in their life too and just are calling it by another name'. I want to destroy my narcissistic thoughts basically, completely.

Reading this book by Shigeki Noya, a Japanese philosopher I respect, and I can touch the philosophy he has been building by reading 'Philosophical Investigations' until it has been completely crushed. He did this work by himself and with no helps from any other philosophers (or he disliked troublesome stuff by others?). I thought I was helped by this work. Usually, if we tried to think about a lot of themes till the details as Wittgenstein and Noya, We had to reach the limit sometime. It's not difficult. We have to eat meals and sleep sometime. Connecting that kind of calling of instinct or common sense to the philosophy we have, and training into the one... or that calling and common sense can be another theme of philosophy. I have learned that attitude.

So I can't say that I've got another deeper perspective of Wittgenstein's philosophy. Of course, it's not Noya's fault, but from the limit of my ability. I try to remember the ideas, the logic, the delusion I had while I was reading this, but almost all of them had no worth of being written or just forgotten. A few of them went under my consciousness. I have to take a break with Noya and go back to the battle which is being done in 'Philosophical Investigations'.