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2022/03/04 English

I made a club on clubhouse. I thought that I could meet with our friends when I had my work late. I named it "Let Our Souls Talk", which we can shorten as "LOST". Today I thought I could enjoy talking with my friends but we couldn't get together so I had to give up. Going to the workplace, I spent my time thinking about what we could enjoy talking. Light topics are fine. What music do you listen to? Or what books do you read... Doing nice communication in the morning, I want to live the whole day finely.

Once a person dissed me that my words make him feel "militancy". I googled and found that there is a concept which is called " Militancy by the pacifists". Yes, talking about peace is good. But then he is far from war? No. And wars might be caused by such pacifist's militancy. Their " militancy" does the wars... I should be sensitive about that " militancy" in me. I can have such a 'twist' in myself... that is not strange.

If " militancy" goes too much, I could lose respect for others who are in front of me. I could lose the sensitivity that makes me notice the fact that others are basically profound beings. The world exists like this, and the others do like this. That depth! I have to get surprised at that fact as Wittgenstein says. Of course, we can't communicate easily. It's not strange. We live a different life and belong to different cultural places. Like Flipper's Guitar sings, "We understand the fact we can't understand each other". I should treat it important.

Once Yasuo Tanaka said that Asahi journal and Iwanami paperback are 'also' a kind of brands. I thought that Wittgenstein and Descartes might be a kind of brand of philosophy. I can't say that I can understand their thoughts. And (therefore?) I might have the thought that I should respect their names simply. I want to understand that I might avoid their true essence because they can be too dangerous. I have to read Wittgenstein's "Philosophical Investigations" and Descartes again. I want to read Yoshiyuki Koizumi's "Descartes: Recommendation for philosophy" again.