Life is good.

2022/10/02 English

I thought why I have been attracted to Haruki Murakami. One of the reasons why is that Haruki has broadened my world of reading or listening. After I had learned about Haruki's novels, I tried to read various writers' works. . I read some of John Irving's and Raymond Carver's books because I had learned Haruki had translated them into Japanese. I also tried to listen to the Beatles, Jazz, and a kind of sophisticated fusion. Accidentally, I had learned Motoyuki Shibata as a friend of Haruki, and I read Paul Auster and Stephen Millhauser that Shibata had translated.

I can add the reason why I adored Haruki more. Because he lived in America, and there he wrote various novels. That kind of attitude that separated from the Japanese narrow guild of literature, and acted globally was simply cool for me. I had lived in the countryside in Japan, and therefore I felt some hardships so adored his cool maverick style. I thought I had to learn English more. By the way, I had such a childlike adoring for Motoharu Sano and Flipper's Guitar, both Japanese musicians. A good old memory. Now we have the internet so living in the countryside might be easier than in those days.

Ah, I felt really bored in the life of the countryside, so I adored the city life (especially Tokyo)... At that period, we had to endure living in the harder gap between the city and the countryside than now. So, you might think this must be a joke, but I honestly tried to get the information about the city. I listened to various radio programs and bought expensive magazines... and got into Flipper's Guitar and Pizzicato Five. Now we have a subscription system and can listen to so much music(but we should care about the harm of that kind of subscription system), and also can get various information easily. We also can access and communicate with each other. Now is the time we can live with lesser stress even if we live in the countryside. The time changed...

Now I had time to read Haruki Murakami's "Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World" seriously with Donald Fagen's "Kamakiriad". This novel contains a very cruel story, but the tenderness and seriousness of the main character embraced me well. As entertainment, it becomes a well-made story. And we also can find more profound messages in this novel I guess. But I couldn't say what was that... By the way, I noticed that this novel's events are happening at the current time, in other words, the beginning of October. Synchronicity? No, just a banal thing. But this coincidence also embraced me a lot I thought, and was glad to read this novel.






2022/10/01 English

I was still thinking about why Haruki Murakami's "Norwegian Wood" became a bestseller in Japan. I talked about this on a LINE group, and other members spoke about the sexual essence of this novel. Indeed, "Norwegian Wood" exactly has some deep descriptions of sexual things, but then why that novel has attracted female readers? What do the female readers who read "Norwegian Wood" seriously find in that novel? Probably, it can be beyond my imagination. These diverse ways of reading are allowed in Haruki's novels. That must be the great taste of his novels.

I also thought that why the Haruki world attracts so many people. Why am I attracted by the Haruki world? Because he uses his weird imagination and builds a very surrealistic world. But his such a great surrealistic world is also very friendly for me. Like Kafka's works are built on very rich and surrealistic imagination but also show this real-world steadily, Haruki writes his novels and they are almost the ones about 'my life'. That is the reason why I have been attracted. But what do other people think?

I accidentally read Haruki's "Pinball, 1973" and that lead me to the Haruki world. Since then, sometimes I even became a hater, but basically, I have been a resident of the world. I guess I would be so forever. As I wrote before, there must be some greater writers than Haruki. But I feel that Haruki has brought me up in this life. I will have been one of Haruki's children and committed to his world. Indeed, I might diss him as "He's still writing such a silly novel!".

On the 6th of this month, we have another Nobel Prize winner for literature. Of course, I wish Haruki would be a winner of that prize, but I say that Haruki never gets such a big prize. Maybe Houellebecq would get such a controversial prize. I believe that how are his works accepted or read by many people, and how those works influenced their life are more important than the prize itself. I say again. In this way, I believe Haruki is already a great enough writer. Luckily, Haruki doesn't have any interest in the prize (maybe he just shows such an attitude on the net only). So we can enjoy this autumn with a calm mind. By the way, I have never read Houellebecq... OH MY GOD!


村上春樹ノルウェイの森』が日本でベストセラーになった理由についてまだ考えていた。LINEでこの話をしたところ、性描写のキツさについて語られた方がいた。確かに『ノルウェイの森』は濃い性描写で読ませる作品なのだが、ならば女性の読者があれだけ惹かれた理由が見えてこない。『ノルウェイの森』に惹かれた女性の読者はいったいあの作品の中に何を見出したのだろう? 恐らく、私には想像もつかないものを見出したはずなのだ。こうして多彩な読み方ができるところがあの作品の醍醐味である、とは言えそうだ。




2022/09/30 English

Two days after the vaccination. Yesterday I took sleeping time so much, and it seems to work well. This morning I could wake up early and my body didn't have so much fever. I read Haruki Murakami's short stories well. Me, I have never read ordinary novels so much but I had written Haruki-like novels saying that "I can write these kinds of novels". Finally, I recognized that I can't write any longer novels because of my autism. And there are so many Haruki-like novels in this world so I don't need to write and add more. That led me to lose the motivation to write. All I can write seems to write this kind of journal... That's life.

This morning I went to Popo instead of Aeon. There, we 4 members enjoyed doing small talk. At first, the topic was "What would you do if you got 100 million yen?". And it went to "What would you do if you could live your life without any working?". A member said, "It would be hard if every day was like Sunday". I had the same idea. If I got such huge money, I would build a company with my friends and chose working more. But this doesn't mean I am serious or a workaholic. It just means "I am that kind of person". Connection with others saves me neutral.

After a nap, I joined the room Mihoge san had opened. Mihoge san was just after her travel to Spain, and the theme of talking was how to memorize the memories of traveling. I answered that "I would buy some commodities like mug cups, and use them in my daily life". For example, I have a mug cup that I bought at the shop Masashi Tashiro had in Harajuku and still use it. After learning that I am an alcohol-addictive person, I started having a will to support Masashi Tashiro who is still struggling against his addiction. Now I still have that will. I wish he would come back (although it couldn't be any great as his young days).

At the server about Haruki Murakami on Discord, I was asked that "Why did 'Norwegian Wood' become a bestseller in Japan?". I couldn't answer it. I don't think that it is a very brilliant one (of course, also it never is crap). I post this question on LINE, and other people answered me as he said this novel was a 'pure love novel', and also decorated with Christmas colors (brilliant red and green). That means that his tactics of marketing. Indeed, that design was very cool (now we can say it is 'Instagram-able'). And also, it was just released at good timing I guess even if I can't criticize well because I'm not a sociologist.






2022/09/29 English

I had to do struggling against the side effect the whole day. From this morning I felt too chilly. Indeed, now is the day after autumn had come. That might be why. My left arm which I had been vaccinated on yesterday hurts. So I spent this day lying on the bed at my group home. I slept very, very well that I couldn't express how to describe it. At 10 am, I felt so sick that I couldn't go to Aeon as a morning activity. I just slept. I took lunch and slept again deeply. I had dinner and slept again... I could do nothing creative. This might happen in life because it is so long.

I read my friends talking about health on LINE. I reflect on myself. I had spent my days with alcohol and tried to hurt myself. Now I feel that "anyway, being fine is the best". I even believe that "being fine" can produce good work. I read Haruki Murakami's interviews and thought about this. Haruki is also a man who controls himself steadily and attends marathons and triathlons with his trained body. I learned that it was not realistic that think about things without any physical essence. A sound mind in a sound body... Yes, this is too extreme.

Me, I feel that it is a miracle that I can spend my days without any alcohol. Once I thought that being a heavy drinker mean being a great man, so I drank a lot... too much. I think that ordinary or normal life exactly has a deep truth. Living ordinary life must be extraordinary... I also think so when I read Haruki Murakami's words in his interviews I said above. Reflecting on my life, I try to stop drinking alcohol "just for today", have healthy meals, and live my life with a certain rule. That kind of conservative life has been my nature from the point I can't remember.

This evening I read Haruki's early short stories again. They are contained in "Kangaroo weather". His keen sense of nonsense ideas, and interesting storytelling made me impressed. It seems that Haruki has tried to keep his style always. But actually, he has tried to change constantly. So he never writes "Norwegian Wood Part 2". "Kafka On The Shore" has been said that it was the next version of "Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World", but you would find it must be quite different work from it if you read it. By the way, what should I do with reading Haruki so much, although I don't want to be a critic? Oh my...