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2022/01/14 English

BGM: The Beatles "A Day In The Life"

I keep on reading Susumu Sogo's "Can't Live Without Movies 1999-2002" and also read Maylis Besserie's "Le Tiers Temps". The latter is a novel about the late stage of life of Samuel Beckett, who is well known as "Waiting For Godot", as a simulation. It seems that I should read Beckett more for a while. Beckett's novels and plays are very difficult to read so I once had tried to read and couldn't. It might be different from that time if I read now? I want to seek his books in a library.

Reading that book of Susumu Sogo, I found the part about 9.11 in his 2001's article. How can we face terrible terrorism as 9.11? I wish we could talk with others/enemies calmly. But it can be dissed as I have never known the reality of terrorism. This might sound bold, but kindness in me can let me say that kind of dream tale. But that kind of kindness can cause terrible results. How should I face terrorism? Or how can I face the difficulty of my life? I thought about them.

"Can't Live Without Movies 1999-2002" has a very thick book which has about 600 pages long. It's like a dictionary. If I put it in my bag, the bag becomes very heavy. And I put "Le Tiers Temps" and Koutarou Sawaki's "The sight of the road", so it becomes heavier. But I can't stop putting them in the bag. Autism... is not suitable for this case as an excuse, but I'm a weak person and my mind is scattered with various interests. So many books in my bag make me calm. My mind is always wondering... it is my weakness that I can't do a "single task" steadily.

I might catch a cold? Something is in my throat. In this case, I go to bed after gargling my mouth with salty water. But I don't cook so I have to bring salt from somewhere. A person said gargling with tea is also good for curing a cold. Health is important. Keeping my body healthy leads me to positive thinking. I'm not good at doing sports so I don't like doing any exercises because once I was blamed by a lot of classmates. Now I feel that staying healthy is important. I should keep my body fine. In Japan, catching a cold leads to a lot of illness.