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2022/04/21 English

A day off today. I went to a library and borrowed Saburo Kawamoto's "My back pages". It is about the 60s' several revolutions in Japan and I thought that it is interesting because it describes a huge dream or ideal of the revolutions. TBH I don't know about this era because I just read Haruki Murakami's "Norwegian Wood", Ryu Murakami's "69", and Hidemi Suga's "Revolutionary, too revolutionary". So I never think I could understand this book completely but it was quite a masterpiece and I felt Kawamoto's sensitivity as a journalist and his dilemma between its ideal and that era's reality.

And I also finished reading Saburo Kawamoto's "Modern movies, check its footsteps". Saburo Kawamoto's reviews are not very impressive to leave something in my mind, but they exactly have their tastes which deliver some greatness. This book is not about dynamic movies made in Hollywood but about various social movies from various frontiers, and we can enjoy his great political sense even if it doesn't have any strong agitation. I thought that I want to watch movies with this book. It has a cool actuality.

I'm thinking about Nae Yuki's opinion on Twitter. She says that "you need a greater intelligence than average due to enjoy entertainment". But I won't agree with this. We need a kind of experience of living our lives for enjoying entertainment I guess (or a kind of 'sense'). But if we guess that her opinion was based on the experience of being blamed she had to accept, her opinion starts to have another meaning. She might think this opinion by being blamed because of her acting in the TV drama (of course, it is just a 'guess' because she never says so clearly).

I can't discuss if reading (or opening the fact of reading) "Tawawa on Mondays" is good or bad. Because simply I never read it. But as a reader of "Reading Lolita in Tehran", I never want to live in a society in which a 'clean' ethic or beauty is realized 'strictly'. Yes, I admit that reality and fiction are connected. But I believe that the mentality of needing fiction is not based on the desire for love or eros simply. It must be more delicate, as the mentality of wanting David Lynch's movies might be based on the 'power to dream'. At least, I guess it's not simply for the escape from reality.