Back To Life

Back To Reality

2022/04/25 English

This morning I checked the temperature of my body. It was 36.1 and I feel fine because it shows my normal status. It seems that I can get recovered from a bad state even if I have not recovered completely. I could read letters normally, so I went to Aeon and started reading Saburo Kawamoto's "Literature in a suburbia". But I couldn't get any good feeling and also read nothing. So I gave up and went back to my group home, and spent my time with the music like Jack Johnson and Donavon Frankenreiter. I had not recovered completely so I wouldn't overwork anymore.

In the afternoon I took my lunch as Calorie mate. After that, I went to a room that an Indonesian friend of mine Judith had opened on Clubhouse. I had thought that I could enjoy only listening to members' conversations, but I finally talked to them. I read my journal as usual. Judith suggested that "Why don't you open your reading to the world? It's just an idea". TBH, a Japanese friend of mine who is an amateur musician once said to me that "You have a nice low voice". I thought about this for a while, but finally, I recorded my reading aloud on my smartphone.

And I thought about where I opened this recording. When I talked about this on Discord, a person recommended me Soundcloud and Bandcamp. I thought about that and found the creators' service 'note' has the function of showing expressions by sound so I uploaded it there. After uploading, I told Judith about this on WhatsApp and she was really glad about this. From now, I will keep on reading my journals. Is this the kind of thing I can get better by practicing? My challenge has started now so I should not be hurried up.

At night I spent my time doing nothing. Listening to Jazz or surf music such as Jack Johnson I had listened to this morning, I did chatting on Discord. No reading books and watching movies. Life is long so can have such low days. As Takehiro Irokawa says, I should follow the state which is based on the victories for a long time, not following the instant victories connection. If I can read books again, I want to read Saburo Kawamoto again, or I also want to read books about gambling addiction. With them, I want to get recovered step by step.