Back To Life

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2022/03/24 English

It was a good day again. I did my work and started reading Yoshikichi Furui's "Nogawa" during the afternoon break. Reading Yoshikichi Furui makes me calm. I feel like doing some meditation by reading his words. Like connecting to higher things. He had already passed away so I can't read his new novels. Who are the authors I wait for their new novels? I always want to read Haruki Murakami, Kazushi Hosaka, and Toshiyuki Horie's new novel. Recently I lost any interest in fresh new writers' novels. If I read Kenichiro Isozaki, I might find something new.

I'm thinking that I will watch Yasujiro Ozu's movies again. The articles about Ozu by Shigehiko Hasumi, Kishige Yoshida, and Hideki Maeda make me feel that so. I want to ask for the meaning of this life with Ozu's philosophy in his movies. How about "Tokyo Story"? I have no tactics. I just read what I want and have no deep thoughts or plans. Nowadays I read Yoshikichi Furui and Kazushi Hosaka, and it is because I want to think about what is life. People might say I am too young to ask such a question.

Touching old novels and movies again, and writing my journals with what I gained from them. Life goes on. I do almost the same activities so I feel like I can't make signs of progress. I want to do something different. In these few months, I had never watched any movies so I want to watch Ozu or Mikio Naruse as a piece of my routine. When I was young, I was basically a snob so wanted to follow 'the trend' and read 'light novels'. But recently I rarely use Twitter. I follow no trends. That might be the meaning of getting older.

Reading Yoshikichi Furui, watching Yasujiro Ozu, and listening to Yosui Inoue. I don't care what other people say about me. I just do what I want, therefore I follow these creators. The word Judith said to me "Thank you for being you" is still alive. Ah, it's good that I start reading Montaigne's "Essays" because I want to follow Eric Hoffer's manner. Step by step, I go out from the trend of the world. That means I'm getting free more and more. That might show that I'm getting to be alone, but comfortable.