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2022/03/27 English

I read Yoshikichi Furui's "Nogawa" completely. His style makes me well. Reading his writings, I can feel I am getting calm. This is the same taste as I read the books about philosophy and physics (Indeed, all I read are just these genres' guidebooks). Furui writes beyond our narrow points of view which is belong to the material world. It goes to the problems of life and death. That vast scale of his writings might make me devout. I thought that this state of mind is similar to Yasujiro Ozu's movies which are my concern nowadays. Yoshikichi Furui and Yasujiro Ozu. Both are exactly different but accidentally get into the one in my life.

A fine day today. I started reading the collection of Kenichi Yoshida's essays, and I thought I might have to listen to some music with this reading because I have the habit of listening to something with reading. I chose Aztec Camera's music. Ah, when I was into Flipper's Guitar in my teenage period, I learned about the Aztec Camera through their music. At that time, the subscription had not been spread so I went to the Tower Records in Himeji, where I imagined the music I had never listened to. I imagined the UK and the USA. After entering a university, I started listening to Blur and Oasis and buying imported music. I can't remember where the money came from.

In the afternoon, I had time so went to Aeon to buy shoes with the leader of my group home (I asked him to go together but it ended within about 10 minutes). After that, I took a nap. We say sleep time in spring never ends until dawn. In the sunset time, I joined the room on Clubhouse and enjoyed chatting and after that, I slept a little again. At last, I couldn't watch any movies. I thought I wanted to watch Ozu's "Late Spring" but sleepy emotion ate me. I felt sick because I'm wasting my time, but also thought there could be a day like this so spent the rest of the day with Jazz as Wes Montgomery. I can't make any schedule of days because these kinds of spontaneous events can happen.

March ends. A quarter of a year ends and I noticed that I could do nothing this year. Oh! But in other words, I can praise the things I had never done this year instead of what I had done (this is the idea of Hiroki Kashiragi). At last, in this period I had not drunk any alcohol and had not stopped working. Also, I could keep writing this journal through that period. Yes, I bellow my horn but anyway I could maintain my days. I should start reading "In search of lost time" from tomorrow, not from April. I might not be able to read completely, but so what?