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2022/04/27 English

In the morning I read "Mysterious country Japan" by Courrier Japon a little. Reading the article about Japanese 'salarymen', I thought about myself. Once I thought that 'salarymen' are idiots basically. I even thought that they had lost their own characters, or their life was a symbol of conservativism. I wanted to live by expressing myself so never wanted to live such a life. And now, I live as a salaryman. Yes, the bias that salarymen's life tends to be a cowardly life is crap. I found that this life has its own taste.

In the morning I attended to the room my Indonesian friend Judith had opened on Clubhouse. I read my journal out loud as usual. The part about Banksy who is an artist from England. Although I couldn't say it well, I tried to say that Banksy was the person who destroys our point of view and also 'reconstruct' it. Yes, he is a great trickster. Or he is the latest actual artist. He might be not far from Picasso or Andy Warhol.

Today's reading was Brady Mikako's "Europa Calling Returns" which used Banksy's art as its cover. While reading it, I listened to Blur's album "Think Tank" (This album also shows Banksy's art as its jacket). I had not listened to this album when it had been released, but I found that it is a cool one that shows its true charm. Not pop as their other ones, but it has a certain power that grips our soul exactly. I can't judge Blur's recent albums and it might show my limit. I want to listen to their "The Magic Whip" seriously.

The reality of England and Europe Brady Mikako writes is very plain and clear. We can learn about politics from various perspectives. Although I have not read it completely, it makes me about satire. I thought about this from her article about a caricature, and also thought that Brady Mikako's columns themselves are based on the spirit of enjoying satire. We don't need to discuss politics with a serious attitude. Relativize the object and blow it away. I might need that attitude. But I don't want to follow an attitude such as "No War, No Abe".