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2022/04/10 English

Today was a day off. In the morning I went to Aeon and read Le Clézio's book "Ballaciner". The articles by Le Clézio are very fresh. His intelligence accepts everything softly and affirms it (his way of affirmation is similar to Natsuki Ikezawa I guess). He watches various movies. Japanese cinema such as Yasujiro Ozu and Kenji Mizoguchi, French movies, and Korean movies. His intelligence enjoys these movies, and I want to watch movies again by this book. I can remember that this author wrote about the beauty of movies by Kenji Mizoguchi in his "L'Extase matérielle". But TBH I have watched only his "Ugetsu".

In the afternoon, I had time so I tried to read books but I couldn't enjoy the words. So I gave up and started watching a Netflix original documentary "The Andy Warhol Diaries". It seems like a documentary that is based on his book "The Andy Warhol Diaries" and tries to get closer to his real figure. TBH I have read "The Andy Warhol Diaries" completely once. But I won't say I can be proud of myself because of that. It shows that I have such a taste to read such a strange book. It gave me little. It is just a description of a genius artist's plain or flat daily life with a lot of names.

"The Andy Warhol Diaries" has six episodes. I have watched the first two. And I started re-reading "The Andy Warhol Diaries". I can't understand Andy Warhol. Or I should say that I can't taste the art itself. He doesn't seem to be a person who has a strong ego and therefore shows any genius things. He accepts the situation with his sensitive personality and acts on it with a cool attitude. That coolness and modesty are impressive. I want to watch this documentary more. How does this develop as a documentary? And I want to re-read "The Andy Warhol Diaries" again.

In the night, I had time to read Saburo Kawamoto's essays. I touched on his modest style and was moved by his rich knowledge. Like him, I should read Kafu Nagai's journals or Junichiro Tanizaki's "The Makioka Sisters" which I have never read (as I wrote once). I lost any interest in new literature or movies and just spend my time with old books, without the concern about the issues Twitter users are talking about. And I mainly listen to Thelonious Monk's and Sonny Rollins's jazz. It might be a problem about 'retiring' from current arts. Maybe I should read Joseph Heath's "Enlightenment 2.0" in a paperback. I might find something new from it.