2022/06/08 English

TBH today was a day off so I did some homework for the English conversation class yesterday. I wrote about the episode I remembered by a chance in an English article. When I was 40, I met a woman at a meeting about autism accidentally, and she changed my life drastically... I think that I am always saying the same story so I don't make any progress. But this experience even makes me start my true life. I did the homework with Kenji Ozawa's "The dogs bark but the caravan moves on". What age am I living? I am still living in the 90s? Indeed, people get into the movie "Top Gun Maverick"...

Yesterday I wrote that "Norwegian Wood" was a bible for me when I was a high school student. Besides that, I believed Osamu Hashimoto's thoughts. I read his books very deeply. The "89" is about the year 1989 when Tsutomu Miyazaki's incident happened, and the "90s" is about the Gulf War and peace. Osamu Hashimoto said that people do fall in love and it works to crash their world which had been made imperfectly. I, the meeting with her crashed my world which was made by reading and listening to incompletely, and through her comment I changed myself... Ah, Even if I had thought "She never says yes to me", I confessed my thought to her and it changed everything to an unexpected result!

I went to a library and borrowed some books by Richard Dawkins His autobiography and "The God Delusion". There, I had an interest in Douglas Murray's "The Madness Of Crowds" so I also borrowed it. I thought that "The Madness Of Crowds" tried to criticize various opinions of the liberal. I think that my stance is on the left and liberal. Therefore (even if the author as Shinji Miyadai has been saying) my 'right' opinions work to violate someone's rights, or I might push optimistic and unreal ideals too much. I will read this book and try to criticize myself.

I watched the documentary "The Capote Tapes". I have read Truman Capote's works many times (probably because Haruki Murakami respects him). Indeed, he is quite a great writer. But I am attracted by his personality itself instead of his works (that's the same as Andy Warhol). He was a certain media, and it created various novels, and also funny episodes in the celeb society. I watched it and thought about those things. I remember the movie "Capote" in which Philip Seymour Hoffman acted as Truman Capote. It was quite a brilliant movie with a great performance.