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2022/04/17 English

I've finished reading Susumu Sogo's "Can't live without movies 2016-2018". At last, I have read all the six volumes of this column series. He had started this series in 1999. In other words, he has kept writing this series for about 20 years. But I have been impressed very deeply because Susumu Sogo has been keeping the same stance in life. Of course, this never means that he doesn't make progress, but he always has been doing efforts to keep the same quality. Watching movies, reading books, listening to Jazz, and thinking about them quietly. I want to follow his style of living (as I write every time).

I attended an online meeting about autism on Zoom. Every member brings their topic and we talk about them. This time, we celebrate a person, who is a friend of mine and an ex-hikikomori who has got a job through a long struggle. Besides that, we talked about the meaning of using our blogs, the real episodes about job coaches, or how to make good excuses to solve problems. Every topic is interesting and has the content I should learn. Every member is working on their situation and trying to do their best. Of course, I also have to do my best. Staying in this reality makes me shine on the internet.

At the night, I watched "The Andy Warhol Diaries" on Netflix. I have watched until the fifth episode. This episode has the fact that Andy Warhol didn't have any good point of view about racism. He couldn't treat an artist Basquiat fairly. He was bound by the limit of the era he lived. That was the 80s. Or the era was when Aids had spread widely, and he has wrong knowledge about Aids. This stance of watching Andy Warhol himself from quite a fair point of view is, of course, very serious and clean. And I have impressed by this documentary's staff and his friends appear on this because they must read his long, very long journals seriously.

Nowadays I listen to John Scofield's music. He does make unique music that is mixed of Jazz and funk (or this is fusion?). His great technique makes me comfortable or cozy. Yes, his dry sound is cool. After reading "Can't live without movies", what book I should read the next? I might have to restart reading Shinji Aoyama's journal. Or I might have to read that long "The Andy Warhol Diaries". Maybe Yuriko Takeda's "Fuji journal" is cool for me. Yes, I read journals only. Life can have such a period.