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2021/09/13 English

Today I went to the hospital to meet my doctor (Once a month I go to that hospital). I talked with him. I have done these meetings and getting medicines for 20 years. A lot of things have happened. I was told that I am an autistic person, so I talked about that to my boss but he did nothing. At last, I drank a lot of alcohol and showed drunken myself to my doctor by saying this was really me. Oh, my silly days... today I brought the topic of "Alain on Happiness". According to Alain, I have to get rid of the true reason for my sickness. But nowadays I don't think it's hard.

The clubhouse is available for Android users like me so I installed it and went to the rooms by other people. I went to the room for English conversation training and showed my talking in English. If he/she talks in fluent English, I can't listen to him/her well (even the person is Japanese). Maybe because I listen to the person on my smartphone? Anyway, I have to improve my listening skill. I have a belief that English is the language we can talk with our bodies. So if we train English to our bodies, we will be able to listen and speak. I'm going to install another app and try.

I've watched Lee Isaac Chung's movie "Minari". The age of "American dreams" has gone so far and now we poor people can't grab our dreams even we have done a lot of effort. But the Korean characters still keep the Korean style and point of view of their lives and survive even they are in America. This movie is said to be the epoch-making movie in the process of choosing the Academy Award. Yes, this movie is great and has a unique value. But I have been shocked by this movie's heaviness in this corona panic.

I've read Yasuharu Konishi's "My Beatles". The technique of Konishi's which gets a lot of information of music and movies into his essays, novels, and journal attracted me as a wonderful book... I have read a book I had read halfway, and I have watched a movie. But besides them, all I have done today was just enjoying the clubhouse. Oh my gosh... But the clubhouse is funny so I can understand why this is popular in Japan. Should I make my room? Or I have to go to the various rooms and learn various things. After that, I would make my room.