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2022/03/07 English

Today I opened a room of the group I made. I named that group "LET OUR SOULS TALK" (we can shorten it as "LOST"). I had not thought about what I/we should talk about, so the talk became confused. Getting nervous and taking with a lot of trouble... but I could enjoy it. Basically, I will open this room when I have work late. I should think about the things until I can write them by language and share it with my friends/members. I want not to talk about profound and philosophical topics, not political topics, but ordinary topics for morning small talk lightly.

After that "LOST", I went to AEON to have lunch and read Yoshio Kataoka's "Japanese and English". I read books, work, talk on clubhouse, chill with Yosui Inoue's songs... is it OK? I sometimes think so. Can I say that I do the things I want to do? Really? Or, is it impossible that I can do what I want to do? That idea is dangerous? As Spinoza and Koichiro Kokubun say, we can act freely under the situation which makes us unfree. Should we accept that?

I thought about how interesting the Japanese expressions are and how unique the English expressions are. I want to write a note about these things as Yoshio Kataoka does. For example, what word can be replaced with the word "Development Disorder"? "Development Disorder" is a heavy word. The word "Disorder" makes us too serious. We can find the lovely word "Aspie". Can I make such a lovely word? Of course, I don't have any good ideas. I also can find the word "Gifted". It's also a unique word. The people who something is 'gifted'... Then our talent/character is 'gifted'?

Work is really interesting. Of course, my boss says unpleasant things. And I sometimes can't do what I should do. But doing the things I have to do with complaints, my body starts moving naturally and my mind follows automatically. The thing I should say as 'ultimate reality' controls me, and another personality in me even starts working. Like watching a movie, I can taste the experience that I have been changed by ultimate power. Oh my gosh, I am just a middle-aged ordinary person with material desires. But if I start working, everybody praises me...