2022/06/16 English

I made a draft for my presentation at the meeting about autism the next Sunday. It is about the activity I have done on Clubhouse. I had started Clubhouse by the recommendation of a friend to express myself in English. And I met Judith and started reading my diary by her recommendation... I believe that I have been able to change myself by using Clubhouse. As I always write, my English is never fluent nor perfect. But I shouldn't mind it, and anyway I have to express myself. If I didn't so, everything wouldn't start. I have learned about this truth I guess.

Recently I listen to Goldie's "Timeless" and read Yoshikichi Furui's books. Do I have to change this routine? I might have to read Tolstoy's "War and Peace" and "Anna Karenina" which I have never read in my life... There are some books I want to read like Richard Dawkins's autobiography and Takashi Iida's philosophical books. I can remember that Ryuichi Sakamoto writes about Paul Bowles. He says how long can he survive in his life against his cancer. Me, how long I can live, and how deep I can sink into the inner world?

A friend told me a nice YouTube video on Discord. It's about a girl in Kobe and was broadcasted in Kansai's local area. She was just an elementary school student but achieved an almost full score of TOEIC. Yes, she must be gifted (I have never done any TOEIC test). After watching that video, I thought that I should follow her passion for English, not her talent. This sounds rude but I have been impressed by her because she is still young but already can have her exact opinions and express them to the world. Yes, I have to follow her. Not adoring her talent in vain, but keeping on "expressing my opinions to the world with will" as a way of my living.


At night I attended an online meeting on ZOOM. The topic is the problem in Shiso city I have lived in. How to face the real problem of decreasing residents... A friend of mine has lived in here because she couldn't endure using 'crowded' trains to go to her company. She chose to come back to this city and found a new job. I was once a student of Waseda but couldn't find any good job so came back. And I started using the system of a group home and might let the city think about how to support autistic people. This must be the first trial in the city's history. Creating a road to go on... Life goes on. I still can do something to live this life.