2022/10/24 English

Today was a day to go to see my doctor. I told him the result of yesterday. While making medicines, I read an article about Ken Shimura on Bunshun Online. Once his disciple said to him "I want to quit", he got angry and said this. "No way, because you have achieved nothing for these three years". "Successive people would do their achievements even if the situation is terrible". These comments gripped my mind. Successive people would do... I think giving up or changing the situation might work well, but I am the person who has been working for the chance. Therefore, this is one truth I thought.

For me, I have been living in this town, and working because of a negative reason as "I have nothing else to do". Besides that, I have been learning English even if I couldn't find the meaning. About my job, the project of the job coach realized and it changes the way of working little by little. About English, a person from my city offered me to work as a volunteer interpreter as I wrote yesterday. Indeed, these are, as some people might say, not completely. Then, I want to make it a perfect thing so have to work seriously step by step.

Oh my, at last, I found certain missions like this in my life! What a wonderful life. Still from now, through the project of the job coach I want to work to make situations where autistic people can work there smoothly. I also want to learn English to help to make international friendships in this town. These desires or ambitions have come from my 40, the age I had stopped drinking alcohol. Life can never be predicted. I want to think that the future is also not so bad. I want to accept the coming days positively. From here, in this city, I want to change the situation surrounding me...

Reading the episode of Ken Shimura, I thought that the effort of keeping on staying and working in the same situation must work as a power of mine (indeed, I have to admit that it was just because I had nothing else to do). Also about this diary, I started from a primitive reason that I wanted to tell my friend about my daily life. It still goes on. I guess that steady efforts rule everything. I have really a scattered mind, but now I can enjoy the taste of effort that realizes my work and my learning of English. I do my work, as usual, today, with enjoying the taste. Life goes on.