Back To Life

Back To Reality

2022/03/21 English

I read Kazushi Hosaka's "Battle at the dawn". Hosaka's world has been getting deeper and deeper step by step. I feel that he is a reliable author. Men's homosocial playing, the feeling of love for women, and thought about the mystery of cats and the world. It is quite awesome that he describes the scenery of the park very well. I thought that this world can have such rich information. Hosaka watches the world with great concentration. According to my personal reading experience, this book reminds me of Le Clézio and Sartre's "Nausea". Or it also reminds me of Yasumi Tsuhara's "Penis". But this might not be correct.

After that, I started reading Yoshikichi Furui's "Talking about literature together". In this collection of dialogue, he talks with great intelligence as Gen Kida, Takeshi Yourou, and Shigehiko Hasumi evenly. I thought that I could understand his mystery or enigma of creation if I read his words, but I still couldn't understand. But I will read "Nogawa" or "Seiji" even if I couldn't understand. I feel respect for him because he kept creating short novels of his world stoically by exploring his memories. This author is also the man who has progressed with his books one by one.

Is this life? I thought so. Before reading the books, I felt depressed because I read books for killing the boredom until I will die. Yes, I think about various things but I will die in the end... But if I started reading "Battle at the dawn", the words come into my brain smoothly. I even thought that I was living for reading this book exactly. Yes, maybe I have to think "what is life" in my head. But living actually in this world and getting wound with enjoying life is also important. Real brings us the one and only rich experiences.

By the way, why do I read books? What do I want to do with those books? People may think that I'm studying, but I don't have such a purpose. I don't think that drinking alcohol or watching TV is pleasant, so reading books and thinking. I spend time in such a way because I can't enjoy it in another way. But I have kept on doing reading so my style has been made. Oh, that is also life. If the library opens, I go there and borrow the beginner's guide of Heidegger's philosophy, or I should challenge "Being and Time".