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2022/03/01 English

I've read a note about learning English. All I can use are just Japanese and English. If I am allowed to speak about it with this narrow ability, all I can say might be the opinion that 'language is spoken by our bodies'. When I speak English, I don't think that 'how this word should be said in English?' anytime. Once I thought about that and often stopped talking, but now I can speak something before thinking. I feel that my head isn't talking, but my heart or soul is doing. In other words, by letting your heart or soul speak, the words can be flooded fluently. Of course, you may need the practice to reach that state.

I watched a movie after a while. Elaine Constantine's "Northern Soul". It reminds me of my young school days. People say that I am crazy and stubborn, but I even try to show my hobbies or taste and express myself (in this movie, the main characters do DJ playing and I did making a zine). I didn't think that this was a good movie, but I got a great knowledge that the 'northern soul' music is very delicious. I want to watch movies again if I have some free time. I'm interested in Ryusuke Hamaguchi's "Drive My Car".

In my opinion, the idea that 'everybody must' think about the war must be an idea of fascism. It's natural that there are some people who don't have any interest in the war. Based on that, I believe that our daily life which seems not related to the war should be the product of global politics. Various products make our daily life activities, and our economic movement affects global one. I want to be sensitive about that politics in our daily life (maybe the people who say not interested in the war catch that kind of 'politics in our daily life'?).

We never need licenses to speak English. We have the right to write anything freely (with owning the responsibility for the writing). Thinking so, I am writing 'my truth' freely in Japanese and English every day. Such a bold/shameless activity have might be done because of my self-love. And I have learned the attitude that I can love myself by the process of learning English. I am never Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. Just a mob. But this mob is burning its fire as Pascal says... by thinking this, I can think that I am charming. That charming heart/soul speaks 'my truth' today too.