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2022/02/20 English

I've read Takashi Uehara's book "The philosophy of ordinary people". This is about the philosopher Shunsuke Tsurumi, who is the author I am reading seriously. Besides telling about his thinking, Uehara also tells about his technique of living his daily life which came from his experience. Though I have not read Tsurumi's books so much so I can't see his thought well (therefore I wanted to learn it from this), I guess that Tsurumi's books are not for learning his logic directly. Like Wittgenstein, I can learn his 'way' of thinking and not the content itself (of course, Wittgenstein and Tsurumi are quite different). Their books are the ones I can learn how to live, not what to learn.

Tsurumi was the person who said 'never kill anyone' to himself even if the Japanese got mad in the previous war. Actually, he could keep on his decent mind and live without any cruel acts. Keeping on their serious mind and living their thought itself instinctively. Trying to train their 'reflexes' and moving their bodies (For example, if you found a street fighting, you should not say your opinions, and stop it by your actions actually). This is a very 'timely' thought for me who is thinking 'making their thought by their bodies, and living by that thought physically'. I have learned a lot from this Uehara's book.

Today was the day we had the meeting about autism. By using ZOOM, we got together online. Every member brings the themes they want to talk about, share, and discuss. I talked about alcoholism. Living the life of being alcoholic means the fact that I should live with this body that always needs certain alcohol. Yes, the addiction must be bad. We know it by our mind but can't stop our bodies to need alcohol. All we can do are to keep ourselves separating from alcohol and look for something that can be other ways of drinking (it might be not a single one. You can find various things which can be put them into your mind's hole).

That Uehara's book and this meeting are saying the same thing for me. The troubles which come from autism should not be treated the problems of our characters as 'lazy' or 'careless'. In other words, the logic which tries to rule our heads can't be any solution. Autistic people have their troubles from those kinds of 'second' difficulty as 'can't keep time' or 'can't manage their tasks'. Trying to solve the problems in the way they can 'swallow' the solution. In other words, the way they can understand 'physically'. Uehara calls Those kinds of basic solutions 'the way of life'. I found that finding the solutions by steady trials and errors is important. For that, I have to look for myself with courage. I've got that courage by the meeting once again.