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2021/09/29 English

Because of this long corona panic? Not only me but my friends get sick nowadays. I can't see what to do so am being sick. Today I had to work but I was worried if it wouldn't be alright. I remember the words "You can do it. It's alright" by a person. What do we need? I am thinking that. The emergency state will end so we can meet offline... no, I won't think the state should be easy like that. Living on is great. I think so. If we live on, we can get some changes to go on.

At work, I almost give up but I felt fine naturally if I sang the R.E.M.'s song "Man On The Moon". R.E.M. is as great as the Beatles for me and I get the fight by their songs. I have listened to their album "Automatic For The People" which contains this song. Again and again... I can't remember how many times I have listened to it. I want to sink into this quiet album this season. They know life's sensitivity. They know how important to sink into blue emotion if we get sick. I think it must be awesome.

I borrowed Yoshio Kataoka's book "The life of language" at the library. I like his writing. Once I thought he was just a paperback writer, but now I adore him because he has certain policies and/or philosophies, and thinking deeply with toughness. This book describes the things he has about the words he encountered with critical thinking. I read this book with respect. I have never heard the word "prekan" as the people who get "kanreki". If I meet these kinds of books, I feel respect.

Talking about Yoshio Kataoka, I think encountering his book "Outside of Japanese" must be a big event. This book is a masterpiece that he thinks about the relationship between America and Japan by watching the Gulf War. I thought he was great because of his strong thinking. I might have to read his books just now. I will try his book "The inner revolution of 10 cents"... Reading books means watching more broaden world than my daily life, or broaden the capacity of my imagination by opening my mind. Therefore I may read books.