2022/07/30 English

BGM: Momus "Marquis of Sadness"

I went to a library and borrowed Ian McEwan's "First Love, Last Rites". I started reading now(this is my reading style. I just read the books I want to read rapidly and freely). Coming to this age, I found that the books I have read seem more interesting than the ones I have never read. Ian McEwan is the author I started reading by the influence of Itaru Mita, a Japanese music journalist. Quite interesting. This book is full of 'kinky' stories but his attitude toward writing is very serious therefore it knocks on my heart exactly.

I got the book by Yoshio Kataoka "Thinking Japanese in English" as a used one. I am also reading this step by step. His affirmation seldom causes me certain suspicions, but his logical thinking of English exactly impresses me. The thing we need to translate Japanese into English might be the decision of exchanging things into it by omitting optional things. Kataoka's this book gives us a clue about that exchange. I want to follow his way of thinking English modestly to improve my English.

Today I slept soon after work and came to my group home. So I couldn't watch "Extraordinary Attorney Woo". While I was awake, I just did read some books and chatted on Discord. During that chat, they talked about their memories of first love. I have no memories of it because I had been hated by girls terribly. But I think that once I met a woman who was a bookworm and did her website of books when I was in my 30s. That might be my 'first love'. Time flies and life goes on... to be continued.

And I started thinking that I want to write about my memories of 'first love' and 'platonic love'. Once, when I was a high school student and had no friends, I read Haruki Murakami's "Norwegian Wood" and thought about 'pure love' in it, and also thought about an adult relationship in it (both can be in one book. This book says so). When I was so young, I didn't read Dostoevsky. Yes, I am that kind of person and I won't blame myself. I go my way.