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2022/03/05 English

I read Hitoshi Nagai's "Being and Time: Philosophical Investigation1". He tries to do ultimately high thinking so it is difficult to understand, but his problems are not far from our reality. He starts thinking from the perspective of a plain fact "I am here now". In other words, his discussion starts from that plain fact to the difficult field. It's very Hitoshi Nagai. All the philosophers I respect must have such "my problems". Yoshimichi Nakajima, Shigeki Noya, Tetsuya Furuta, Yoshiyuki Koizumi. I also have to find that kind of "my problem" and look at it.

After that, I had time to read Fernando Pessoa's "The Book of Disquiet" a little. I thought I might have to spend my later life thinking about my problems like Hitoshi Nagai and Pessoa do. It's just uncool to follow any 'cool' current or trendy things. I haven't read any light novels for some time, even lost any interest in bestsellers. But I can't find what are 'my problems'. Killing boredom? Thinking steadily for finding my truth as the meaning of my life? How should I find that kind of 'my problem'?

I remember... I read books about philosophy and write my journal in English. But this is not the idea I thought of alone. Friends said that "Your idea is philosophical" and "Your English is easy to understand", and those comments let me start thinking about those ideas. This tells me that I sometimes should follow someone's idea instead of thinking by myself. I remember Fishmans's lyrics I always think like my compass. "Open the window/Good voice comes". Open to the world. Throwing myself away from the voices from outside. Lose myself... it reminds me of Komimasa Tanaka. I should read him again.

My philosophy... of course, as Roland Barthes says, it is not good that thinking any 'originality' is too important. The ideas I have are always the ones ancient philosophers had thought. Or I should say that the cloud of philosophy and I are connected. But, this might sound paradoxical, the problems which come from me are just 'my true' ones. Ordinary but personal problems. All I can ask is 'my' problems so not 'someone's' ones, so it might be clear that I should live this paradox. I should watch that paradox by writing essays, which already have a title. "Greeting for Komimasa".