2022/11/14 English

This morning I joined the room of Judith on clubhouse. I read a part of my diary as usual. I talked about Bruce Springsteen's "Born In The USA". How this song is misunderstood a lot... Talking to her, I worried that my English is bad. I can't see how my English will work. How do Judith and other listeners listen to me? My pronunciation must have some Japanese dialect so my English is never fluent, but some people say that "Your English is good 👍". I wonder why.

Today was the second day of two days off. I spent this time watching the movie, "Dune" on Netflix. It was really a dynamic one that has a big scale. It doesn't explain the whole story at the beginning but lets us sink into that movie through the beauty of pictures and storytelling. I was impressed that it is a really great "maestro" work. But it also means that storytelling is not easy, and it's not open for amateurs like me. But it really ruled me a lot and thought that this was really Denis Villeneuve's movie.

This evening I watched the documentary "This is Greta". This is the one about the activity of Greta Thunberg who is an activist for the environment. I had an impression that it was not good because I couldn't see how she was declaring. How does she approach the problem of saving our earth's environment (in other words, what are the things we can do?)? I couldn't see that, and I also couldn't find her motivation. Just she tried to say "We shouldn't destroy the environment". I couldn't agree with her, but I could understand how she is pure.

Remembering... I certainly had that kind of purity. Me, it was just too "love and peace" oriented so I became ultraleft at last. But that "purity" has been trained by reality and also crashed, and become the current personality now. In other words, I got "dirty" or "crafty". So I want to accept Greta's personality as a precious treasure. I don't want to see her cynically. All I can do is just think of some ideas by enjoying books and movies. Does Greta blame me because I am too wishy-washy?