2022/05/22 English

Today I opened a room about autism on Clubhouse at 7 pm. Before that, I got some advice from Judith and it worked well for me. As Judith says, I am an autistic person so am not good at listening and speaking well. Therefore my responses/answers don't appear soon so you should speak slowly for me (in addition, basically English is not my mother tongue). I need you to understand this. The members understood this so we could do a pleasant time. I feel thankful for this.

A member of this meeting recommended me to watch the drama "The Good Doctor". In this drama, autism appears as one of the important keywords. I want to watch this. I feel that autism is becoming one of our common senses or basic knowledge. That is different from the past. Once my company couldn't understand what was autism (no, I won't blame them. Even I couldn't understand what Asperger Syndrome was well). That made me think that the time is exactly changing. I also feel thankful for the recommendation and this kindness.

But Judith couldn't come so I couldn't be a good host. A friend of mine Asel helped this room a lot. Asel told the members what autism was. She told them what was characteristic of autism and also about the Facebook diary I'm writing and the fact that I am a 'bookworm'. I feel thankful for this too. As I'm writing these things, I can feel the certain kindness of my friends. Yes, I have a lot of friends on Discord and WhatsApp. Once evil people suffered me seriously but it was very far from me now. I can't believe the past!

A lot of people/friends help me. Therefore I can do various things with their help. Also, I can believe in my skill of English. These things exactly started from the point that I had attended a meeting about autism in my town when I was 40. I can understand how the connection/encounter with other people has its power. People can change by meeting/encountering other people I believe. Therefore the app Clubhouse can work as a powerful tool. The room I made today was not by myself alone but with my friends. I live dutiful for me and do what I want/should do. Then people/friends help me tenderly. What a wonderful world!