2022/10/30 English

Today was a day off. This morning, a friend of mine sent a LINE message, "do you have 'my number card'?". TBH I have never made "my number card" because I am autistic and afraid of losing it (autistic people often lose their items). But in the near future, we Japanese have to stop using insurance cards and start that "my number card", so now might be the time to make it. It has a problem with controlling personal information. I couldn't see more, so decided to discuss this.

This morning I went to Aeon as usual and thought I should read a book, but I couldn't read any ones. I gave up and tried to think of some ideas. I even tried to read Yoshimichi Nakajima and Yoshio Kataoka, but I couldn't understand the messages these books talked to me. I might need to change something so went to a bookstore, but couldn't interested in the books the store had. I guessed now is such a hard time, so wouldn't struggle anymore. I went back to my group home, had lunch, and took a nap. I decided not to think too seriously and spend the time wastefully because today might be that kind of day.

I thought that I would watch a movie after a long time. The movie was Tran Anh Yun's "Norwegian Wood". This is the one from Haruki Murakami's worldwide bestseller. It seemed that making a movie from that novel was difficult. I thought that this was really made dutifully by the novel. Watching the description of Waseda university in the movie reminded me of my college days. The college must be the place we spend our moratorium period, a closed one. The movie shows the moment of going there as its ending, so I felt that it was a new beginning. It reminded me of Souseki Natsume's "Kokoro".

This evening I read Susumu Sogo's columns again. Sogo writes his professionalism. Needless to say, we certainly need the attitude of loving the work or passion. But it is important to keep a certain quality of our work and understand that "it is just for my life" (probably this kind of practical attitude is more important than having too much passion). Do I have professionalism? I once thought that my work must be the one everybody can do. But now I'm thinking that I can do my work because I have worked for a long time now. That desire might be my professionalism...