2022/11/06 English

This morning I attended the meeting of the English study club. We tried to read an article in newspapers in English. I have to admit this with shame but I had not prepared well. So I thought that I quit my presentation and just apologize for this. But, at last, I did my presentation with no preparation. When I tried to translate it into English, I found that I couldn't find the basic words' meanings so it seemed difficult to read the topic of the news of Zelensky and Putin, or Ukraine and Russia. But sometimes I found that I could find the light in these words like "Ah, this must be the meaning!". I thought I needed to prepare for reading.

This afternoon. I watched Frank Darabont's "The Shawshank Redemption" as I wrote before. This movie has the story that a person who tried to escape from jail, but I thought that the real essence of this was people's good character. We can enjoy this movie by watching any people's character. This is the real power of King and Darabont. I also thought that I had forgotten to talk about my dream, having my hope. But what is my current dream or hope? I thought that I became a really "dry" person.

This evening I watched "MINAMATA". It was a really difficult one. It seemed that this movie has a large scale, and treats a social problem. However, this describes just a person's soul's rebirth I thought. I couldn't find out if it is cool or hot. But the scenery was beautiful and it was just a well-made one. I want to follow this director. I have to confess that I had thought Minamata's disease was over, but it told me this was not ended. I also found that this movie might have the same message about Japan after Fukushima.

Like this, I watch movies and write what I thought. I just get impressed and said to myself "Oh my gosh". TBH a person in a group criticized me about this. However people blame me, and I can't stop writing. I had not watched any movies by my 40, and I started watching by my decision... I also read books and listen to music, but watching movies and writing what I felt means to me that I can't stop "venting" my thoughts. I can understand that many people don't want to read them. Yes, I can see. People have the freedom to say anything and criticize them.