2022/06/02 English

I always think about how I can go into 'working mode' before I start working. I try to think about 'working mode' in my head but can find nothing. But when I go to the workplace, wear the uniform, climb up the stairway, scan the timecard, go through the corridor, and reach the place, then I can go into the 'working mode' smoothly. This might be a vain effort as searching for the moment I go to sleep. It is just the fact that I have been working at the same place for over 20 years. That must be magic.

Today, when I checked various things with the memo pad I'm writing something in English, then a co-worker said "It's amazing!". I learned that there are two types of human beings. One is a Japanese type who starts describing the situation and telling the conclusion at last. Other is an English type who starts saying the conclusion and then adds various evidence step by step. Probably I am an English person so I am good at thinking and saying in English. That is the same story as Masuo san can tell the color of 'anko' in Japanese sweets.

I can remember that I had tried a lot of things to sell my name and become a famous person on the net. I even try to read best-seller books (especially 'light novels') and explain the mechanism of various net flaming... Ah, what ridiculous activities. Now I'm reading Shigeki Noya and Wittgenstein for questing my world. I look at the things I can exactly have an interest in. Then people follow me. I can't be famous (or I can't endure staying famous). These 47 years of life teaches me. Then I have to enjoy life on the dark side of the earth.

I got the permission of my group home's admins therefore I will be able to go to the English conversation class again. This is so clear but English is not the thing to learn alone in your room. Conversation with others makes us better at English. Starting the class, I got various connections with teachers and students. I found various unseen things in this town (or the world). Ah, once I was afraid of doing communications because people tend to get angry with me in the end. Now I can enjoy talking. Probably this is from the confidence in my talking skill. This can be treated as evidence of growing up.