2022/05/29 English

In 2007, when I did a test WAIS which was for judging if I was an autistic person, I was told that my verbal IQ was higher than my performance IQ. This means that I can use words well but my activity can't follow them therefore sometimes troubles happen. So a friend of mine calls me as "a person of language". I have an interest in the activities of language too, and I feel satisfied with the activities such as writing articles like this and also learning English. Once I adored the person who does physical activities well and I wished I could be, but now I think that kind of 'crying for the moon' is not creative so just stay still and learn English. I have already enough talent. I'm glad that I can think so.

Once I was told that there are two types of human beings. One is the people who think in Japanese style (starting by describing the situation and adding the reasons step by step). And other is the people who think in English style (At first, they say the conclusion and add the reasons next by next). I think I am an English-type person. Sometimes I feel that I can say my ideas in me freely if I speak English. Of course, my English must not be good but some people understand and praise me. That's my pleasure. Even if I often feel shame because of mistakes in English.

After the presentation on Clubhouse yesterday, I read Makoto Yokomichi's "Sinking in blue in Istanbul" and found the author saying that autistic people listen to the outside sounds too carefully, so they sometimes can't choose what are proper sounds to keep on listening, therefore their brains get tired easily. Those facts attract me. Me, I sometimes have trouble listening to others' voices when I use a smartphone and talk to others. So I do talk to others by letters, then it can be recorded easily so useful. When I talk to others for an hour on Clubhouse, my brain almost bursts. A surprising fact.

At night, I watched Emerald Fennel's movie "Promising Young Woman". This movie describes a woman who keeps on revenging for the rape her friend had experienced. This movie asks us who should be blamed when rape had happened. Who has the responsibility... Of course, the man who did rape must be blamed. But the man would be saved for various reasons. This movie tries to blame such an irrational reality and criticize the world from a feministic point of view. Yes, it has keen eyes. In addition, it has a good sense of humor (although it is very black). I say that this movie is charming.