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2021/09/28 English

In the morning, I had talked in English at clubhouse and watched a movie. Hong Sang-soo's, a Korean director, "On the Beach at Night Alone". This director has been praised highly but I have not watched it until now (I can't say the reason why). Watching it, I thought it was "selfish". If I say about this positively, he treats his world preciously I think but I have to say this movie is not kind to us the audiences. But he tries to tell the story through the charm of the main actress. I have to follow this director Hong Sang-soo.

In the afternoon, I talked in Japanese at clubhouse. I have learned that there are various people and various ways of working. I've got a clue from the person who treats his work as a way of doing the things he wants to do. I also think that watching movies and reading books are more precious than my job in my life, so I should follow this order. Ah, I met several great people in this room. I feel like that's also "a miracle" if I meet these kinds of great people (and I feel thankful for fate). I have got the vitality to go to work tomorrow.

In the evening, I've read Syohei Ohoka's "Seijyo Press" a little, and I talked again at clubhouse. Ah, I spend the day doing clubhouse. I should watch movies but also think that now is that kind of period. I talked about I can't speak anything without speaking polite and formal words (we call it "Keigo"). They said that I might have to try using dialect. It might have the value to try... In English, I can try saying "How are you doing?", but in Japanese, I save myself tightly. That's a problem. But this is from a Japanese character.

I can do nothing without doing clubhouse, so I want to think that how I can spend a pleasant time there. I might have to write a memo of topics to talk about in English... Talking about autism doesn't gather people so I want to talk about lighter topics. I read books and watch movies, so the topics might be specific. I think that I want to talk about various famous quotes so I started reading Robert Harris's "Aphorism". The day has ended like this.