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2022/04/23 English

A day off today. In the morning I went to Aeon and finished reading Saburo Kawamoto's "Kafuu, good days" there. I had thought that Kafuu Nagai was just a stubborn old guy. Reading this, I didn't think that I should change that impression, but I also thought that Kafuu was a sensitive and tender, therefore weak person. He walked in the city as a watcher and tried to record the things that happened everywhere with a journalistic attitude. I borrowed his collection of essays from a library. I will read it step by step. And also I borrowed Saburo Kawamoto's collection of book reviews "Novels, sometimes others".

In the afternoon, after taking a nap I went from a group home, and at the sports center nearby I got vaccinated again (this is the third time). I got a Pfizer vaccine. After seeing my body's condition, I don't feel any hard side effects as I had expected. I don't feel higher heat in my body, and I just feel fine. But, of course, the vaccination might cause something terrible in my body without noticing. So I should stay calm and relaxed, and that's good. After that, I read "Novels, sometimes others". Sometimes I did chatting like taking a break. Oh, I can't be proud of this reading!

The thing I think about Saburo Kawamoto is that he is not a person who can 'sink' into novels. He used to stop his overheating, treat the books at a certain distance, and write his words. Therefore his books might bring boredom slightly, but I also can feel that a certain coolness comes from his books. I say that he is a kind of author who is 'for adults'. Children might not be able to enjoy his books. No, his writings are open but a certain toughness is on his writing's base I think. Therefore his writing is difficult.

At night, I wondered how I should do the next. I thought I should watch "White Hot" on Netflix, but I didn't. As I always think, I am never any cinephile so I need some fight to watch movies actually. I am a sad man. So I did chatting on Discord with no purpose, and the time to go to bed arrived. Sometimes I must have such a day. Side effects might come from somewhere from now, so I need to stay calm. With Kawamoto's other book, I should spend my day in a relaxed mood.