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Back To Reality

2022/03/11 English

This morning I attended a room which a friend of mine Judith had after a while. I enjoyed talking there. "What is the reality?" and "What does 'real' mean?", and also the topic about today when is a memorial day in Japan. Yes, the day when a big earthquake had happened in the Tohoku area... I can't remember what I did on the day. Probably I worked as usual and went back home, and got drunk heavily. After talking with Judith, I went to AEON and thought nothing, listening to the melody of Eric Satie's "3 gymnopedies". I tasted the peace of ordinary days.

I have read Rei Nagai's "The philosophers in water". Quite an interesting book. I thought about the meaning of doing philosophy in our daily life. Why do I live, does life have any meaning... I also have thought about these questions again and again because I have lived a hard life. These can be connected with dangerous questions. For example, we shouldn't forget the memories of Fukushima? Do we have the freedom of forgetting these terrible memories? This is a very sensitive, difficult trial. I got interested in Rei Nagai because she keeps on doing such sensitive work.

Learning language is touching the world through that trial I guess. Or I should say that it is like touching outside. Anyway, it doesn't mean being satisfied with known things or comforting things (I won't say this is wrong). Showing the unfree environment which I can't control, and making my opinions by myself with my best. Like making haiku, I dive into the system of English and make my words from there. The world is uncontrollable. But that unfree state is not bad.

At last, it must be a refrain... Going to work and returning home. Eating meals and sleeping. Reading books on a day off... the refrain of peaceful days with no changes. A little bit boring days that Shinji Miyadai called as 'Endless daily life'... but it can have a certain pleasure. After 3.11 and corona disease, I want to admit that the peace of every day is precious and that peace is maintained by a lot of people (or 'everybody'). I am also doing my best to maintain it. Today I worked again.