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2022/04/15 English

Today I worked late. In the morning I had time and read Susumu Sogo's "Can't live without movies 2016-2018". TBH I had worries about the pressure of the work or private problems, but the music of Bentley Rhythm Ace and Susumu Sogo's writing made me feel fine again. I thought this must be the force of music. Bentley Rhythm Ace is not a popular group in Japan but I recommend them to listen to their funny and humorous groove. Ah, music is powerful. I had learned one thing too.

I am going to do a presentation on the meeting we always have on Thursdays, which is held by Shiso International Association. I'm thinking about what I should talk about. I want to talk about 'journaling'. Based on Yoji Arakawa's "Writing journals", I want to talk about various journals such as Eric Hoffer's, Okuba Nikaidou's, and Kafu Nagai's journals. Or I should talk about Eric Hoffer's thoughts themselves. I might have to read Anne Frank's diary for the presentation.

I started thinking that I shouldn't get deeper into Twitter. Although I have an account, I rarely post into it. I'm tired of its nonsense. I still use it because I can catch various interesting information about autism, but I also use this blog to express my opinions which need deeper thoughts. Ah, once I tried to sell my name to become famous, but I am not such a great person. I want to keep on writing more instead of being consumed on Twitter.

This depression might be from the changing of seasons. I don't need to get fine again rapidly, but I keep my rules or my routines and do what I should do. I take a bath and wash clothes every day. I read books and write this journal. Sometimes I listen to the movie "Pulp Fiction" soundtrack and let myself ride on the surf rock of Dick Dale. I even pretend myself as a pro like in that movie. I want to watch that movie again to enjoy John Travolta's cool talking. Tarantino has become a master and the world goes on.