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2022/02/12 English

I've read Brady Mikako's "Put yourself in someone's shoes" completely. This might sound as dumb but I have got an interest in conservatism from the reading of Takeshi Nakajima's "Liberal conservatism declaration". Brady Mikako's this book might have a certain thought of that conservative something. People are never perfect and also weak... they start their thinking by not concluding as an end of their theory but a start as a premise, and try to build "the weak connection". The base of that way of thought is a kind of anarchic spirit that shouts as "nobody can rule me". Anarchic, independent people try to connect themselves and build a society...

Anarchism means the ism of having no orders or governments. That might be misunderstood as they are demolition people who destroy our society. But Brady Mikako quotes Rebecca Solnit's "A Paradise Built in Hell" and tries to tell the possibility of being built a warm community that comes from an independent connection that we sometimes build in emergent situations. Yes, I am also an anarchist (Of course, I love this country and am being got infrastructure by her) but this thinking is interesting for me.

Is this thinking actual? I want to know other people's opinions and think more. When I learned this point of view of human beings from that book, I was reminded of Ango Sakaguchi's thoughts. Human beings can have paradoxical opinions and might be weak... therefore they are lovely. I think Ango says like that. That Ango... who said "We can't be understood" in the essay"Outsider boys and Christ". Human beings are powerless, weak ones. But Ango kept on writing his works from there as a point of starting, not giving up. Looking at weak himself (or ourselves) and therefore he said falling down and throwing your hope away. "Live, and fall". I remember that Ango... Ah, it must sound too difficult.

I read Natsuo Sekikawa's "When Showa was brilliant". I thought there must be two Natsuo(s) in this book. One is the Natsuo who criticizes the atmosphere of the Showa era or movie stars such as Sayuri Yoshinaga and Yujiro Ishihara (and also the movies themselves). The other one is the Natsuo who accepts their human aspects as writing their characters and snobbism closer with hot style. Those two Natsuos make a unique harmony (which also has a certain discord). This work can show the unique depth that Natsuo(s) can have I guess.