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2022/04/28 English

I wanted to do something new today so started reading Anthony DeCurtis's paperback "Lou Reed". This is a biography of Lou Reed, a treasure of Brooklyn as the title says. It has been a long time ago since I had finished reading a book in English. I read it a little and found that this book is not easy to read, but I thought that it is a good book to understand Lou Reed as a musician. I have read two English books such as a collection of Louise Glück's poems and David Lynch's autobiography "Room To Dream", and this might be the third English book for me if I can read it until the end.

In the morning I went to Aeon, and I read Brady Mikako's "Europe Calling Returns" with Blur's masterpiece "Parklife". The columns of Brady Mikako are always thrilling. I even thought that I could build a brand new point of view if I could read this book in my teenage days. Indeed, I think that becoming a leftist or an anarchist because of too much influenced by her, but I say this is a good era because we can get this kind of book at a reasonable price. I remember my teen days when I thought about the Gulf Wars and peace of the world with my immature head and Osamu Hashimoto's book.

In the afternoon, I took a nap and went to the main house of my group home and talked about my money. After that, I went back to my room and went into the room on Clubhouse Mihoge had opened there. The theme of the talk was "your routine of every morning" so I talked about how I have been writing this journal. Every morning, I write my journal of yesterday with my memo pad. It has been over 200 days since I started writing in Japanese and English. If I felt bad, I could recover when I start this routine. I thought about the power of every day's routine again.

At night, I attended a lecture about the app 'UD Talk'. It seems that it is made in Japan and it can write the letters by following our voices. It can record it and also translate it into English instantly. After that, I wrote a short article "A strange mail from another star". This is a nonsense essay that Kouichi Yamazaki, a Japanese columnist I still (or always) respect, had written once. I imagined how would aliens or foreign people think if they watched our life. Is it cool? I can't see, but I want to write more if I can.