2022/10/19 English

An ALT teacher suggested an alternative English translation of the paper we will use at the city festival. Reading that idea, I noticed that it certainly has a richer expression. Conversely, my view might be too rough I thought. As a college student, I learned English literature so I have known English for a long time. However, the way to master English must be a long road. I can never become fluent as a native speaker. Just I have to learn English every day... so this chance is really a precious one for me.

This morning I read Ludwig Wittgenstein's "Last Writings" with Autechre "LP5". I have read this book once before, but I can't remember what I thought during reading it. While I am writing the ideas I have like this, I think that it is interesting because I read the same book but I think of different ideas depending on the condition. What did Wittgenstein see and think in his life? How did he live? This book is, for Wittgenstein, the crystal of his thought or the undisposed cluster... I thought like this.

I am not a serious learner of philosophy. I have never read Hegel and Kant, so I am just an idiot. But, following the orbit of the thoughts in "Last Writings", I might have the talent to walk the road of philosophy. Yes, this might sound too bigmouth. Indeed, I can't think of everything strictly as Wittgenstein. However, following his toughness, I might be able to face my problems... I'm afraid this still sounds bigmouth.

What should I do next? I think this. What should my dreams be? I am not good at looking at the far future. I just think about things every day, every moment. Once I had a dream of becoming a writer, or other ideas like that. Now I want to progress with the project of using a job coach, and also want to get the chance of trying to use my English. Every day, I want to enjoy using English. I'm feeling thanksgiving for my friends who give me a lot of chances in English. Yes, I feel thankful for your kindness.