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2022/01/31 English

I'm still reading Susumu Sogo's "Can't Live Without Movies 2003-2006". In this book, Sogo talks about the meaning of our works. He says that we need to think about how to help other people and this society itself. Do I have such a stance for my work? I just have worked at the current company only, and I had worked severely because I had to earn money and live by myself. In short, I had worked for myself alone. I never thought that I should work for my company or other people... Now I can see my work with calmness. So now I can work for society and people at last.

In Sogo's book, He talks about the pride of being a pro. I wonder if I can say I am a pro at my work. People sometimes say that I must be great because I have worked at the same company for over 20 years. I don't think so. I just worked because I had nothing to do besides my work, so I spent my 20 years and reached now. But I want to do severely and sincerely if I want to work more. Maybe that kind of "severely and sincerely" shows my pride as a pro. This is no other people's comment. I always say this to myself.

Once Sigesato Itoi tweeted the words as "Don't blame, do your work". I like these words (although he was very bashed by these words). Of course, criticizing each other is important. But I believe that I want to see my true self before criticizing others rapidly. Can I work for other people and society? I do something I shouldn't hide? That kind of ”One man's fault is another's lesson” spirit is always needed and that makes us better. I won't say that you don't judge Itoi's behavior so don't misunderstand this.

Once I was a heavy drinker I just did tweeting all day. "F--k the president, f--k the world"... I blamed this society as they couldn't understand what autism was. So I can't say any polite opinion but I want to remember that people even do fine jobs at this corona panic. Of course, cruel things must happen now as people as Karin Amamiya tells us. I know that we should criticize our government steadily. But, I want to see the bottom of myself and walk step by step with calmness. I don't want to forget the spirit of "pigeon walk" as Nietzsche says.