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Crushed Youth

Dear Marco Stanley Fogg

Nowadays I'm interested in a piece of news. It happened in Japan. At the front of Tokyo University, a 17 years old person attacked three people. Various media tell us a lot of information. For example, he was said as a gifter boy, he was trying to study for joining Tokyo University (Tokyo University must be the top in Japan), he wanted to become a doctor but he couldn't achieve to join, etc. I thought about why I have a concern about this news. Maybe that is because I had seen the same naked scenery when I was young. The pressure from being too smart...

Marco, from "Moon Palace", you were told as you are a lovechild and lost your mother in your childhood. You grew up without learning who was your father. You are so smart as becoming a student at Colombia University. But there is no episode in "Moon Palace" that you had been said as you must join any good university. You showed your native smartness and became a student there. TBH, I had never learned anything in my school days. All I did at the schools was just to read, that's all. Any pressure had never been given to me by my parents.

Oh... but I might understand how that student felt. He had been crushed by huge pressure and hardship, and all he could think about to open his road in that situation might be just to join Tokyo University... I was once crushed by the closed atmosphere in a countryside school and just thought "if I could join any university, I could go to a city". I should endure the situation until I would join... No, that kind of tactic might not be mine. I was just a "living dead" high school student...

Marco, after joining Colombia University, you had your illness in mental and tried to live an extremely hungry life as Kafka's short novel. The reason is not clear but I think that you lost your uncle and you became a lonely and broke person. You thought you could find nothing in your future so you tried to kill yourself. You tried to threw your desire to eat away, and you dropped to the road and lived as a homeless man. That was your story, wasn't that? If so, we three are the same kind of people I think.