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2022/01/11 English

BGM: Paul Weller "Sunflower"

Today was a day off so I went back to my parents' home. In this "changing the years" season, I had worked so I couldn't go back. But I didn't do anything special although I went back. My parents and I sat at Kotatsu (a Japanese heater) and do some net surfing by a computer, or watched "Mitokoumon" (a Japanese famous traditional drama in which samurai appears) or Sumo. Just doing them, we spent three hours. I started reading Susumu Sogo's "Can't live without movies 1999-2002" from the bookshelf. This is quite an interesting book so I read into this even if I have already read it once.

I have all 6 volumes of books of Sogo Susumu's this column "Can't live without movies" that had been written until 2018. In this column, he shows a citizen's philosophy, which is sometimes about the pride of his job, the insight into the way of living, knowledge about movies and jazz. It was easy to read and profound. I had started reading this column when I was 40 years old. I was surprised because Susumu Sogo had begun this column from the end of the 40s. It was an amazing fact and embraced me. I still have the time to learn and develop myself. I should make myself progress until I will able to write like him.

Reading one of the columns, I thought what should be "the pro's attitude"? I have done my work for over 20 years but do I have anything to show and pride as a pro? Or, writing is also the thing I have kept on doing, but I can't say I'm a pro because it doesn't make money. In short, I do my work as one of my duty and write something as DIY. Everything must be a selfish satisfaction... but I think I do my best at the chance I have been given. What should this attitude be called?

I'm now over 40s but I think this. When I was young, I thought or believed that at this age I must have done everything I wanted to do. Every pleasant thing must have been experienced, therefore I couldn't be flesh... But now, I feel that "Mitokoumon" has various catchy tricks to make people enjoy the world. The movies I have started from my 40s tell me various cool things if I watch more and more. Even Yasujiro Ozu's "Tokyo Story" can be enjoyed as an "evergreen masterpiece". Now is the fresher period than once I believe.