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2022/01/01 English

BGM: Motoharu Sano "Angelina"

Recently I have been away from movies so I wondered what I should watch at the beginning of this year, and at last, watched "Asakusa Kid" on Netflix. This movie is about the half-life of Japanese comedian Takeshi Kitano. This movie tells me about the depth of doing creative things and the relationship between a teacher and a student in the world of comedians. I thought that I have not read Nobuhiko Kobayashi's book "Definite: The Japanese Comedians". I had an idea that I should read this book with this movie, then I can enjoy the depth of the world of comedy itself. I have no money, but do I have to buy and read it? This is the question I have as the first question of 2022.

What should the new year resolution be? I have been writing this journal for half a year and learned this. Any resolutions must be done and kept as a real activity. Then, you can get something like fruit. In other words, you need the power of keeping on doing that quietly. Also, you need the idleness which can allow it as "so-so is OK". I keep on writing this journal even if I can't write funny things as every day in my life. Doing something with less power, fewer efforts. Doing like that, a habit has been put in me and brings me great power. I had learned that last year.

What should I do? Do I have to learn French again? Or I should read Proust's "In The Search of Lost Time"?... Or this year shall be a year of movies? I can do nothing which needs some effort so I want to do easy things. Oh, what nonsense. Basically, I have never read books thinking "I shall read 100 books this year!". I am living with thinking "It's OK even if I couldn't read anything" so I won't trust any big purpose or dream. Ah, this character must last forever.

So I do activities not thinking "I shall be a blogger!" or "I shall write a novel!", but do as thinking "I shall write a review today!". That "Many a little makes a mickle" must be important for me. At least, this journal is a kind of that "mickle". I might have to forgive trying to do the efforts... Today I have watched the movie "Asakusa Kid". I have felt happy with this meeting at the beginning of this year. The hard-boiled life of Takeshi who always tries to learn the secret of comedy told me this. Quiet activities every day. That is perfect enough.