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2021/12/31 English

BGM: King Crimson "Red"

Yesterday I had watched movies for a long time so now I want to watch another. Therefore, I started reading books about movies only. Today I read Shinji Miyadai's "The World is basically Chaos" a little. I like his movie reviews so enjoyed it. He doesn't write orthodox reviews. By writing reviews, he tries to think about why we have difficulties to live this society and answer how to survive it. That is the same of my concern which I had with the handicap to live on. At the end of 2021, I had read a book like that.

I was over 40 years old when I had started watching movies as a pleasure. Once I bought the musical press "ele-king", and I found that writers discuss various movies to criticize the music scene. I noticed that watching and learning movies are necessary to talk about music (or culture itself). So I decided to watch them which I had never watched. So, it is just an "instant" knowledge so I won't say I am a cinephile. But some readers trust my articles about movies so I'm glad about that. Now I can say that I like movies.

Even if it is the last day of the year, I do work and write various ideas on my memo pad in English. One of the things I did this year must be writing a journal in Japanese and English. I couldn't see that I have been writing it till now (about half a year!). I don't trust the power of any effort. If the effort means some kind of hard discipline, my activity as writing notes in English or a journal like this must be just an activity I just want to do, therefore it's never hard discipline. Just "do what you want" and that's all. I am old enough so I am getting to avoid doing something with making practice or doing the effort. I am basically a lazy person.

Steady efforts... Once I had watched the documentary "CODA" which was about Ryuichi Sakamoto. I was shocked because I had learned the fact that Sakamoto still does the practice of moving his fingers by watching it. As you know, he has achieved such great success and is a great musician. But the thing he does is just a quiet effort like that. I write articles or journals like this. I also do my work, read books, watch movies... I do them again and again. That refrain itself has the meaning of this life. I feel that happiness is this ordinary, quiet life. I will do writing and watching like this even in 2022. Life goes on.