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2021/12/30 English

BGM: Little Creatures "Giants Are Dying"

Today I've watched two movies. The one was the documentary "Searching For Sugar Man", which was the one I had written about in my yesterday's journal. An American, nameless singer-songwriter Rodriguez's music caught the South African peoples' mind and achieved a marvelous hit by a chance. Why did the South African people like his music? And where had the person Rodriguez gone away? We say that the fact has to be stranger than the novels, but this movie tells the wonderful and strange fate has to be there. I have watched it many times but this watching also brought me tears.

Seeing the behavior of Rodriguez, I feel that the person who won't change in any situation is very strong and therefore brilliant. He might have to experience various situations. He had to forgive the activities as a musician, and spend the days as a physical work which he might not want to do. But he hadn't lost his sincerity and faced the work he had to do, and gone his own way. Watching this movie, I have learned that keeping the sincerity of living life must be important, and I have tried to do so. But, of course, I still have a snob desire so I sometimes think that "People in somewhere read my articles and make it as a boom". I haven't stood at such a high stage.

The second was Hirokazu Koreeda's "Nobody Knows". I like Koreeda's movies and have watched them several times. I have watched this once but this watching brought me something profound. Treating a very serious theme, he keeps on the serious and decent way of talking the story. He doesn't appeal the story to our mind directly, but tell us an important thing steadily. Therefore this movie is difficult but has the worth of thinking about it. I had lived as a jobless person once, who was out of the society or system. So I had to think about the sadness and pleasure of life which was out of the system (yes, there can be pleasure in a way).

Like that, I enjoyed the movies and that was all of my yesterday's activities. I had started the habit of movie watching when I was 40 years old, so I still have to learn various things and not know them well. But, as Shinji Miyadai says, the world is rich and that world delivers me various messages as movies. I'm enjoying these messages by watching them. In other words, if I watch movies, I can go anywhere. I am not a cinephile who watches 200 movies a year, but I enjoy them and have learned various things. I want to write like this in 2022. But how can they deliver something to others? Haruki Murakami said that "The civilization is the delivery"...