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2022/03/25 English

I borrowed Hideki Maeda's "The pleasure of Yasujiro Ozu" and Yoshishige Yoshida's "Anti-cinema of Yasujiro Ozu" at a library. I've read several books about Yasujiro Ozu and especially like these two books besides Shigehiko Hasumi's book. I read Maeda's book and found he tries to criticize Ozu's movies with the keyword "plant-like". Ozu celebrates every day's refrain and lives steadily without any material and "animal-like" desire. How can I say "plant-like" as a more natural English word? It might not be the same as "botanical".

I'm also interested in Ozu's "plant-like" aspect. Ozu's life contains the severe experience as he had to go to war. He might be able to look at war or our life as bird's eyes because of that severe duty. I don't want to live with material desires for women and money too (Yes, indeed it is a very 'human' desire). I feel sympathy for Ozu because of that point. I want to watch Ozu again.

I heard that Shinji Aoyama had passed away. I talked with a friend in Kyusyu about this topic. I have never understood Aoyama's movies except "Eureka", but I can see that he has left a lot of heritage in Japanese cinema. Writing like this, I want to watch "Eureka" again. But Aoyama must try to go out of that stage of "Eureka". He tried to progress more. I couldn't see the progress and that's my limit. The friend said that Aoyama was just an ordinary, warm person who never show himself as a maestro. I watch Aoyama's movies if I get time. R.I.P.

Today I listened to Ocean Colour Scene all day. When I listen to their songs, I remember the TV program "Cinema daisuki!" on Yomiuri TV. Their songs were used at that program. At that time I had no interest in movies so I felt that it was in another world. I had never imagined that I would go into the cinema pond. I started watching movies since 40 years old (yes, old enough), and now I talk about Ozu. People changes. I guess I will watch movies and everything goes like this.