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2021/12/22 English

BGM: Venus Peter "Every Planets Son"

This morning I went to meet the main staff of my group home and spent money on the rent. I talked with her for a while. I brought a handout of my memo of the worrying and problems about my workplace which I wrote on my system note, and she said it was clear and easy to read. Once, some people had said my writing was very difficult. At that time I didn't have intimate readers so I wrote my articles into the void (what an extreme!). Now I can see the readers' faces so I can write for them smoothly.

After that, I went to the city office and met another person with the handout. There was worrying from a kind of my bias but we discussed well involving it. The person has been moving for me even if he must be busy, and of course, I thought I can trust him. He recommended I keep on writing my memo so I will keep on doing more from tomorrow. That person said to me, "Have you got interested in seeking another job?" as a small talk. Yes, it has the worth of thinking more. But I have more desire of doing some activities in my workplace. Even if I want to eat by writing my article, secretly...

Going to the library, I borrowed Douglas Richard Hofstadter's "Gödel, Escher, Bach". I started reading. I had learned about this book from Koujin Karatani's column, and TBH I have read it once. This book has various tricks and therefore is funny and easy to understand. It has quite a lot of topics and looks like the "Makunouchi" lunchbox. This author has huge knowledge and uses it fully with his entertainment spirit. An old one but still fresh. I will spend this busy "the end of the year" season with this or another book of an anthology "The Mind's I" which has Hoftstadter as one of the editors.

The night, I went to the "stop-drinking-alcohol" meeting. This one is the final one this year. I listened to other members' stories and got various clues of keeping being sober. I also talked as an ad-lib. Talking about something for others is, of course, embarrassing but a warm experience that makes my body and my mind comfortably warm. I was born an addicted person so I can never enjoy alcohol more. Of course, that's sad. But also I can meet other members of these meetings and have got my original happiness, so I thought that this life with saying farewell to alcohol has a unique taste. I had thought that death by alcohol in my 40 must be splendid, but over that age I still am alive. Prefab Sprout is right. Yes, it must be a "Life of Surprises".