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2021/12/14 English

BGM: Massive Attack "Daydreaming"

Today was the last lesson day of this season's English conversation class in our city. Teachers told us about Xmas and New Year's Eve of America. After that, we exchanged our presents and ate sweets, also we played a card game Apples&Apples. How did my English improve? I write my journal in Japanese and English like this. Some people say it's getting better but I can say nothing smoothly even now. This must be my eternal problem so I decided to do practice by using some apps like clubhouse. But today I was already tired so tomorrow I'll do.

A friend of mine told me an episode about Auschwitz. The people who had survived the hard days of the camp were not the ones who had any great hope. They treated tiny daily happiness as precious things and collected them. I had known that episode by reading Frankle's "Night and Fog" so I started writing the problems of my workplace and the tiny happiness I had experienced. Now at there, I feel the warmth of co-workers' comments as "thank you" itself. I have to think about communication in my workplace. Today, I did my work.

BTW, I have a lot of friends. This fact makes me well. I get various comments from various readers who are from Indonesia, China, and also Japan... I remember that everyone hated me when I was a child. I even had a period when I couldn't go out somewhere easily. Classmates laugh at me if I meet them outside...Those eyes are scary. That experience made a certain doubt to other people in me and I tried to run away into books with thinking "Solitude makes me strong"... Of course, I can't treat books and friends like the same kind of things. But the experience of reading books must be the basis of my way of making friends.

I am thinking about the news that Yumi Toyozaki, a famous Japanese book reviewer, dissed a person who introduces books on TikTok by saying "Can that person write any book review?". Now is the age that writers do presentations about books on Instagram and YouTube. So I just feel "What a bullshit!" and won't have the same opinion as to her. But I have learned a lot from her book reviews, even if my taste for books is not the same as hers. So I never ride the current of blaming Toyozaki by pointing her past terrible articles. Twitter seems to be the showcase of mob psychology day by day like that... What a wonderful age.