2021/12/03 English

BGM: John Lennon "Mind Games"

This morning I attended to the room Judith from Indonesia opened on clubhouse. We talked a lot there again. One of the important events I experienced this year was the one that I met her. Talking with her on clubhouse like this, she always praises my journals and encourages me. I won't say that my English is pretty good. In addition, "speaking" with someone which needs rapid thinking and judging is always quite a hardship for me. I always speak like a child... but she always tries to listen to me carefully and understand what is autism from my speaking and journals. That's very thankful for me. I hope we can talk more in the next year.

It's winter so I wanted to read novels about winter. I read Syu Fujisawa's "Buenos Aires Midnight" again. This novel reminded me of Martin Scorsese's masterpiece "Taxi Driver". The main character can't live well with the world and have hardship in his life (maybe because of his intelligence and sensitivity). He looks at the world and tries to throw himself into there and get along with it. But he can't. He is always out of harmony. That gap is quite a hard problem for him so his craziness goes bigger. Fujisawa writes that hardship very well. I thought that I should live this winter with Fujisawa's book. I might read "Hakozaki Junction" the next.

After that, I started reading Michael S. Gazzaniga's "Who's In Charge?". This book seems the one which is based on his lecture so written easily. Very easy to read and understand. Our mind doesn't have the center in our brain. Just like the internet doesn't have the center. They are broadening networks... then I might be able to say that my mind is a network. Every point of my body, every finger, every part of my existence is a piece of mind... I want to read the same Gazzaniga's "Human". Let's read on.

I'm going to join a project "Advent Calendar" which has been done on a server on Discord. My date is the 8th of December. I chose this day because John Lennon had passed away that day. I want to write something about John using SION's song, who is a Japanese singer-songwriter, as a clue. I write something with the shake made by the information or knowledge which is stocked in me. I always do that activity. I might be a prism. Then, where is my originality?