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2021/11/14 English

Today was a day off but I couldn't do any good activities. I just spent idle time... I've read Brady Mikako's "Europe Calling Again" a little. This is a collection of columns about politics and the economy in England and the EU by a writer who lives in England. It's a very keen book. When I read Brady Mikako's articles, I get some power even if it represents hopeless reality about there. I think that is the reason why it contains the attitude of her who is sitting "on the earth" and always looking upon the sky.

I went to AEON and found that there is already a preparation for Black Friday. Oh... this year ends soon, I think of it. What did I do this year? I started writing this journal, I tried to use a job coach or job supporter at my workplace, I enjoyed various meetings on ZOOM although I was suffering from corona disease... these activities come in my head as the conclusion of this year. Now, maybe because of vaccination, corona disease becomes less dangerous and I can attend the English conversation class now. But nobody can't prospect the future. We have to do the things we believe it's good. That's enough?

I think about Twitter. I have an account but recently I don't tweet often because I don't want to do so. Twitter is the place which extreme or violent opinions are welcomed and therefore we should be careful about mob psychology. I don't want to use extreme or aggressive words. The problems about feminism, current politics, autism are actual topics to discuss. I won't deny it. But I don't help some kind of "blaming" like once we did to Keigo Oyamada.

Once I thought Twitter is a useful place. Of course, I am just an employee of a department store but I also can be a "public" person who says my opinions to the world if I use social media like Twitter and Facebook. It must be an open place... I won't say it must be completely wrong, but now I feel that Twitter is the place that has a "closed" place. We Japanese say it "Village" mind. If I say counter opinions, I might be said like "Why do you say such things against us?" or "You don't like us?". I don't want to join such trouble. So I won't use Twitter often.