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Hirokazu Koreeda "Our Little Sister"

I watched Hirokazu Koreeda's "Our Little Sister". Yes, this movie can be watched from various points of view. For example, this movie contains various scenes of Japan's decline (this movie shows the people who have to live their life poorly from various scenes). Or the "camera work" itself because it shows beautiful sunlight everywhere (especially, the sunlight on the surface of the ocean!). This movie is basically about "four women" so we can enjoy their beauty or eros (remember, this movie starts from the foot of an actress on the bed).

I want to talk about this movie's important theme (for me), death and birth. This movie contains a few funeral scenes. Or the elder sister Sachi is a nurse so she has to face the patients' death. Yes, everyone ends their life by death... But then, our life can be meaningless? In this movie, a person says like this. "Even if the death is coming, I can enjoy the beauty (sorry, this might not be correct)". These words tell us the importance of calmness and accepting their fate.

I think about Suzu. Suzu has a certain trauma. This isn't described clearly in this movie but she must have a heavy hurting in her mind. Can I stay here? Can I be here? She doesn't say this clearly but keeps on asking it in herself. This might be because she couldn't accept the infinite love from her parents. And the elder sisters give her that kind of love. Yes, you can be here, you can be our sister...

For the first time, I was reminded of Yasunari Kawabata's novels. But this watching brought me this opinion. Koreeda is a son of Yasujiro Ozu. Like Ozu's movies, this movie has the beauty of four seasons and the calm description of death and birth.