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2022/02/01 English

Reading Susumu Sogo's "Can't Live Without Movies 2003-2006", I found the topic about his all-time best movies. All-time best... I thought how will it become if I try to make my all-time best about literature, music, and movies. I judge the movies on the site Filmarks with points to rate them. So it means that I'm rating the movies there but I don't rely on the function of points so much. Every movie has its good so I can't judge it by points. Can we judge which is better between Hayao Miyazaki and Stanley Kubrick?

I might have to think about all-time best movies more, but it is a clear fact that Fumihiko Sori's "Ping Pong" must be one of the greatest movies which have told me how the movies can be attractive. This fact tells me that I have walked through the completely "crooked" road of the movies. I started watching movies in my 40s so I have never had any sweet cinema experience in my childhood (I can't stay still because of autism, so I don't watch movies at theaters). And I just have watched various movies randomly so I can't proud of it.

But it might be well I think. Great critics or essayists make all-time best, and it is a great source to think about the history of movies. That's its value. My all-time best has no value as it has. it just tells us how this weird person had been made, so the people who want to understand me might need it. OK, it's just entertainment so I don't have to be too serious. But my all-time best might not have any Godard, Truffaut, Kurosawa, Ozu, and Naruse. Their movies must be great but they have not controlled my life... maybe.

This idea tells me that I can't become any great critic in every field. I'm too special or weird. I sometimes write about movies and the journals like this, but they show that I'm just me and I can't write fair thoughts or ideas that everybody can "use" and "share" to think about something. OK, c'est la vie! On music, The Beatles or Rolling Stones has not appeared in my life. What a strange life!

All-time Best 10 (There's no particular order).
Ryusuke Hamaguchi "Happy Hour"
Hirokazu Koreeda "Shoplifters"
Fumihiko Sori "Ping Pong"
Takeshi Kitano "Sonatine"
Kiyoshi Kurosawa "Cure"
Wayne Wang "Smoke"
Richard Kelly "Donnie Darko"
Jean-Luc Godard "Weekend"
David Lynch "Inland Empire"
Ernst Lubitsch "To Be or Not to Be"