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2021/10/31 English

Today is election day. TBH, I didn't get the ticket to come in the place to vote. I heard that the administrator of my group home also didn't get it... today, I couldn't see how to do it. It was troublesome to google where to go to vote. I almost thought of throwing it right away (in my opinion, I think throwing it is OK. We can think that we shouldn't do such a silly event). But I thought it was uncool so I went to the city office. The staff searched where to go to vote for me (of course, I felt thankful about this). And I went to the real place to vote for my precious one.

This trouble might say what is happening in this country... it sounds too much? Or it might be too cynical. After this voting, I talked about this with my friends on chat. The person I talked with said that he couldn't accept "regime change". "Once we experienced true nightmare period when Democratic Party of Japan had governed"... this comment was impressive. I can't remember that period. At that time I had drunken a lot of alcohol every day and I almost forgave my life. Every day I thought "why was I born?" and instant death was better for me. So I can't remember even 3.11... Oh my gosh.

But, yes it was quite a "nightmare period" then what had happened after that period? Abe period, Suga period... our life never got richer and there were a lot of scandals. We got only one extra money from the government... Of course, I can see how difficult to manage this situation. Even if a genius like Audrey Tang would feel difficulty in this corona panic. Our society might not have such a brilliant genius. I think we should solve these problems step by step because we are not geniuses (so I think Suga must have a very difficult period). By the way, I didn't vote Liberal Democratic Party...

I read Toshiyuki Horie's "Written hand". I like his writings and recently read them again. His writings don't have clear opinions. Of course, he is not a snob/fool who writes ultimately difficult things artificially. He criticizes seriously and honestly but it has too profound essences. I want to write like Horie or Yoshikichi Furui who Horie reads modestly (of course, I also like Furui). So, I started writing my new novel today. The title is "Bewitched". May this novel be some kind of painkiller for me.