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Both Sides, Now 1

One of my favorite musicians Joni Mitchell has a song "Both Sides, Now". I learned about this song by the cover version by b-flower, my favorite Japanese rock band. This song is about a person who tries to tell about the clouds and also her(his?) life. She once watched the clouds as dreamy things. "ice cream castles in the air". She tries to describe how they could be seen by her eyes when she was a child. But now, the clouds are like this. "they only block the sun". And she sings like this. She can have the illusions of the clouds and "I really don't know clouds at all"...

This awesome song expresses our perspectives or points of view. We sometimes try to understand this real-world and our lives from a simple perspective. Who is bad and who is good, what is wrong and what is correct... In that world, if a thing is revealed as a wrong thing, it is thrown away into the dustbin. As you know, I'm a simple person so many times I had thrown away the things once I had believed they were correct. They were sometimes out-of-time concepts or friends who finally had opinions of the counter side.

Yes... everything must go. But now, I try to accept the whole myself. The person or existence who once had believed wrong opinions or bad friends. Because they had something correct or charming so I had believed. Then, if I threw them away, then it also means throwing away my past. The precious time... I want to accept this myself. I am, of course, imperfect. I make wrong things. Therefore, I have to face myself and walk with. It is like the clouds. The clouds show the dreams of ice creams and also disturb our life by rain, but we can't imagine life without clouds themselves.